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Chipsoapart's News

Posted by Chipsoapart - 8 hours ago

Should I just make a blog post that has the whole story/plot of the Seasons au (Pico's school/fnf fan comic) So that you guys can give an honest review on the story and the plot OR should I just finish the fan comic first so that you guys can be surprised?



Posted by Chipsoapart - 5 days ago

I went over and change some things for this art

Here's the old


And here's the new


Also I am almost finished with some new drawings that I can't wait to post for all of you guys! ❤



Posted by Chipsoapart - 6 days ago

Here's different nicknames boyfriend will be calling half of the characters in the fan comic. (Note: Many of these are kinda mean- )

Pico nicknames are "Shortie" "First shortest guy He/I have ever seen" "Lil red dude" "Carrot top" "A Reverse carrot"

Darnell nicknames are "Second short guy" "Lil fire ant" "The liltle pyro" "Lil red dude's best friend"

"Pico's friend who is a little taller then him"

Nene nicknames are "Hot pink" "Lil miss pink" "Miss perfect pink" "The third one in the trio"

"Tall girl"

Alucard nicknames are "Small sunglasses dude" "Harry" "Liltle Dracula guy"

Cyclops nicknames are "One-eye-toenail" "Punk" "Pinkie pie" "Big bear"

Hanzou nickname is literally just "Fast tiny Ninja"

Cassandra nicknames are "Lil angry lady" "Angry red" "Devil"

Teacher nickname is just "Barbie"

Otis nicknames are "Lil cool dude" "kid" "Cool raven haired dude" "Short kid" "A Very small child"

And here's where I stop typing half of the nicknames for each characters for now (Yes, there is more). But do you guys have any questions or thoughts on these, lmao.


Posted by Chipsoapart - 7 days ago

notice how all of them have a choker with a eye on it?

(using older drawings because I haven't draw them in a while-)


Kinda funny that Cyril/Cylcops isn't even shaded while Hanzou and Alucard are-


My poor man Alucard doesn't even get a full reference drawing-


Yeah that is for a reason.. All the chokers have trackers in the eyes so that Cassandra can know where they all are.

Do they know about the trackers? nope, they don't know about it she never said anything about that. They also have no idea Cassandra is alien.

Also the eye on Cassandra's chest can open and show where they all are (She can take it off of her chest and put it back on when she's is done).



Posted by Chipsoapart - 9 days ago

Since no one had suggested any ideas and I still didn't know what to do for the beginning

due to my brain not working and couldn't pump out anything that could go further then 6 or 9 pages. I was getting ready to give up on the fan comic until today I accidentally gave myself an idea for how the story will start, who built the circus, How the gothpunks failed to kill anyone without the help of pico, and... (So basically half the problems with the fan comic just got fixed except for a few, but I am sure I can think of something for that.)

So, how I thought of this until now, it was because I notice there was one character was involved with Pico, Otis and Gf

lives in the fan-comic....... That's where the idea hit me, lmao. (Btw you all should know who this is.

But I feel like the only question you will probably have is...Why tf tho? I would LOVE to answer that but it has a lot of spoilers for the fan comic and I don't think I can give hints for that.... >:) Though the reason I am giving a kinda big hint to the character is because Ya will know immediately after these hints. If you don't, that's okay! it kinda makes it more fun.)



Posted by Chipsoapart - 10 days ago

One thing in the Pico's school/fnf fan comic I have most problems with is the beginning of the story.

I was gonna have it be where one: Pico first wakes up and gets ready for school.

Or two: Pico is in already school and just as Cassandra gets up from her chair, Steven the Steve ripoff breaks through the window and hits Cassandra with a rock (and then everyone else there. Should I be explaining this-)

Or three: Pico was just getting ready to walk in class until boyfriend crashes through the school with a truck.

I don't think these are good, but Do you guys have any suggestions that are better than those ideas? (though, I have more ideas but I just wanted to type three of them. I will make a reply in this post that will say the other ideas)


Posted by Chipsoapart - 12 days ago

"Did I cause this.... Did I cause him to do this?! Is it all my fault?! -Nene crying about something Alucard did

"Aww hey, it's not you fault the only thing you are at fault for is being that ugly" -Girlfriend

I scrapped it because I felt like this isn't very needed, But who knows I may change my mind about it later.

ALSO I forgot to mention that this scene does have an un-finished sketch since april of this year-



Posted by Chipsoapart - 13 days ago

I realise there was little problem with the fan comic..

So you know how I said each chapter would have a different main character, and the order was Pico, Bf, Gf, and Otis?

Yeah, so about that.. I may had to change the order of the characters because The transition from Gf to Otis Was a little bit of a issue to write. BUuuuuUUT don't worry! I did ended up changing it to where Otis is the main character for the next chapter instead of Boyfriend. Also the fan comic is going to have 7 chapters instead of 4 so I can fit some stuff that happens in between each chapter.



Posted by Chipsoapart - 3 weeks ago

This is a art challenge I was thinking of doing for myself to do but you can join too if you want (Just know there won't be any prizes since this is only for fun)

basically the challenge it is where you draw different

Mother/father characters from different movies/books/games each day before mother's or father's day.

And on mother's or father's day the art would be something for your parents.

I also had an idea where it would all go in a weird color order

Like for mother's day it would be

Day 1: Red

Day 2: yellow

Day 3:blue

Day 4: white

Day 5: Beige

Day 6: purple

day 7: pink

Day 8: Any color.

and father's day it would be

Day 1: Red

Day 2: Pink

Day 3: Orange

Day 4: Blue

Day 5: Purple

Day 6: Yellow

day 7: Green

Day 8: White

Day 9: Gray

Day 10: Black

Day 11: Brown

Day 12: Beige

Day 13: ?

Day 14:?

Day 15: ?

Day 16: ?

Day 17: ?

Day 18:?

Day 19: Any colour.

I kinda had ran out of ideas for colours, so I may need some suggestions for that-


Posted by Chipsoapart - 3 weeks ago

So I was spending time with family,

me and a family member started watching Attack on titan

and we kinda finish watching it today (Well I say kinda because we are just waiting for the next episode of season 4, lmao)

But I really like it so far! The animation is cool, the story is really interesting.

And for whatever reason I kept forgetting Armin's name

so when I had called him "Odin" instead of Armin and I will never forget the face That they made when I said that, lol.